Lost in the clutter of disorder that is your bedroom? Overflowing drawers, floors in disarray, and a cluttered bed will leave you feeling frazzled. But you can maximize your surroundings and beautify them with some storage tricks.

You may not know where to begin, but that’s where these tips and tricks come in so read below to know 9 different ways to arrange your room.

Start with Drawers!

The first place you want to start organizing at your premium apartment in Pune is your drawers. Drawers are small and can be quickly arranged. And the bonus is that you free up more storage places.

Clean up side tables!

Wipe them down, clean out around them. To keep the surfaces clear and house organized, find a storage solution for everything. Remember that your side tables aren’t meant for piling stuff.

You can also head to our blog (Link of the other blog) to know how you can show off side tables of different styles at your luxury residential project in Pune.

Go for Storage Under the Bed!

Make use of the horizontal space in your bedroom with rolling or sliding under bed storage bins. This will be a great extension of your closet, allowing you to organize the bedroom by storing bigger, bulkier items like backpacks, purses and blankets.

Hang it Up!

One of the most unused spaces in a room is in the closet racks. Hanging organizers comes in handy and are great for clothes accessories, socks, seasonal items and office supplies.

Get Rid of the Old

It’s hard to keep your room clutter-free, but it can be done and is one of the most important ways to organize your room. Chuck out any cosmetics or clothes that are no longer used or worn. Use small baskets for stacking storage, so everything is at hand but tidied away.

Use Your Door Space

Doors are sometimes overlooked when considered how to organize bedroom or even when it comes to house organisation. Hooks on the door (any door) are great for hanging a bathrobe, or items you need for tomorrow like an outfit or your umbrella.

Use A Bedside Caddy

The next area to organize is pretty simple because you deserve a break now. One of the ways to organize your room is by keeping the essential stuff that you need by your bedside. Get a bedside caddy that will hold your glasses, magazines, and even your tablet.

Get Your Jewellery in Order

If your necklace collection has outgrown its jewellery box, try a hanging organizer. Earrings and long necklaces will all have a home here with nothing getting tangled.

Make Your Bed Every Day

Practise the basic tenet of staying organized. Treat the bed of your premium apartment in Pune as the sanctuary it is by making sure that you spend three minutes each morning to tuck and fold. Soon you will develop a habit of keeping order in the room.

According to Julie Morgenstern, “Don’t think of [organization] as ‘putting things away,’ but think of it as positioning [something] for its next use.”

These different ways to arrange your room is easy to follow and even easier to do at your luxury residential projects in Pune!