In love with those contemporary showpieces, you saw at the flea last week? Wish to buy them? But, is the idea of kids at home stopping you? Well, we have good news – it’s possible to have a house with hot decor and happy kids at the same time. Wondering how? Here are child-friendly home design ideas that you can incorporate in your luxurious apartments near tilak road for creating a kid-friendly space that you will fall in love with.

  1. Forgiving Rugs Are a Must

    They say why cry over spilt milk; but what if it is spilt on your favourite carpet? So, spare yourself from the despair and choose simple, easy to clean carpets for a toddler-friendly living room. You can also select wool rugs as they repel moisture, respond favourably to cleaning, and hide soil wonderfully when woven in dark colours or intricate patterns. A woven vinyl rug is durable, mould and mildew resistant. Keep a stack of washable cotton rugs ready by the door for extra dirty boots. Avoid viscose and silk, and choose quilted hides, Persian rugs with busy patterns and natural fibre rugs as these are the ones which can be cleaned easily.

  2. How About Creating a Living Room Play Area?

    Make way for easy-to-reach stylish storage into your living or dining room. This can make your room look pretty, and at the same time, allow your little ones to sit and enjoy their favourite game. Moreover, kids can clean-up space themselves and store all their things back. When you plan on doing so, add extra storage for toys. Explore some smart play table chairs with a provision for under storage. Incorporate kids tables, toy storage and bookshelves in the same area too.

  3. Organize an Easy-to-Use Closet

    Built-in closets are not customized for kids. Instead, for a child, the friendly interior design uses the area underneath the hanging clothes to incorporate a set of drawers that can be easily accessed by the kids, and they can pull out their stuff independently.

  4. Add a Children’s Reading Nook

    Inculcate the habit of reading books in your child by creating a children’s reading nook. Giving kids their zone to encourage mental exercise and explore imagination is a powerful tool to nurture their minds. Add fairy lights and throw in a comfy cushion or two.

  5. Spice Up the Outdoor Space for The Kids to Play

    Encourage your little ones to spend more time outdoors rather than in front of the idiot box. Add a trampoline, a small slide or a backyard sandbox. Please encourage them to build castles or dig and play in the sand.

  6. The Couch Material Should Be Easy Maintenance

    Grass-stained knees, sticky fingers and stained clothes can be a nightmare if you have a costly couch. So, choose your material wisely. Go for leather as it can be wiped and cleaned up easily. Natural-looking leather, ages gracefully with scratches and faded patches. If leather is a no-no, choose microfiber, as it is water-repellant and soft. Moreover, it resists fading, staining, and wear.

  7. Forgo the Formal Spaces Like the Extravagant Dining Room

    With kids around, space is premium. So, avoid space wastage and instead incorporate an art project room, a library or anything that would keep your little one engaged.

  8. Kids Do Not Prefer Sophisticated Bedding

    Simplify your kids’ peace zone and avoid lots of sheets, pillows, shams, and stuffed animals. Instead, skip the drill and do away with the top sheet and all the layers. Choose a duvet cover with a comforter insert. Bunk beds are impossible to make. Instead, fold up the blanket at the beds’ end of, or toss all the bedding in a basket and pull it out at night. Keep things in such a way that the kids can keep neat independently.