A vintage collection stands as a testimony to one’s undying love for creative artefacts, love and passion for beholding something unique. Curating an old collection involves spending countless hours in various markets, visiting countries and flea bazaars to collect exquisite ornaments, beautiful wall art, gorgeous jewellery, and postcards. But, what is the use of possessing such valuables if you are not able to show them?

Just like a proud owner, create some space to display your years of hard work and passion.
Wondering how? Well, here are a few creative ways to show your collectables with a twist and give your luxury apartment at Avaanti Residences by ABIL a fresh new twist.

Let Centerpieces Spread That Magic

Group elegant items like ancient glassware and place it at the centre of your dining table. You can use antique vases to display your favourite flowers. It will act as a focal point and won’t go unnoticed. Other vintage items that could elevate the look of your beautiful apartment are lanterns, tins, bird cages, brass containers, and candlesticks.

Frame the Keepsakes

Roll out those sparkling vintage brooches, medals, buttons and sequins onto a frame and enliven that wall: layer small, flat items onto a luxurious fabric of your choice or velvet backdrop.

Transparent Treasures Look Surreal

Cloches or bell jars have been used since Colonial times to protect plants in gardens from the elements. They are also used to display flowers and insects in a museum. You can use these glass domes to spotlight a vignette, showcase a collection of bygone photos, container garden or ceramic figurines.

Clipboards Are Inventive

Clipboards are now used as industrial-style holders for vintage paper items. Use a string to dispense worn, rusted clipboards utilising a piece of twine. Put on display, well-loved vintage textbooks, flashcards, postcards or letters. Imperfect pieces of paper with all the tatters, tears, and wear look great onto a clipboard.

Old is Gold

Vintage books aligned on a shelf always look great. Another way to create an exciting book display is to open them up and suspend them on the wall, curving and turning each to create a flowing pattern. A framed quote and antique chairs can be used to create a reading corner. Luxury apartment projects by ABIL employ these ideas to create breathtaking interiors.

Stack in Style

Use your vintage suitcase collection as an exciting showpiece by stacking them in varying sizes on top of one another. A stack of suitcases with the same colour or material looks great.

Tray it out

To create sophisticated centrepieces, use printer trays and drawers. Go for colour variations to create a visual appeal. You could also use great miniature vintage objects like bottles for watch parts, dime-sized French figurines and small joys.

Group the Gorgeous

Group and layer similar-looking objects like wall art—silhouettes, paint-by-numbers, portraits—one innovative way to display them is to group similar-looking objects. Add interest by employing different sizes and colours. You can use these to create an accent wall or decorate an entryway.

A Champion’s Collection

Trophies and cups carry a quirky, nostalgic vibe. Although they can be used as a stand-alone collection, awards can also be used to bring the spotlight to other collections as well.

Bright is Right

Use your lovely, sunny windowsill to display vintage bottles.

Employ all these ideas to elevate the style quotient of your luxury apartment at Avaanti Residences by ABIL.