A living room is an ode-to-peace. It’s the place where you unwind after a tedious day, binge watch movies and Netflix series over the long weekend, and host parties for your near and dear ones. Thus, your living room must reflect your impeccable interior style and the ways you can enjoy it. To make it easier for you, we have curated some trendy living room decor ideas covering everything from the lounge, coolest colour trends, to much-loved classics and latest styles. So, are you ready to explore some of the best living room decor ideas that are here to stay for years to come?

A Classy Hue

Love elegant and classy? Well, how about an all-white living room decor? Crisp, clean and effortless, white interiors never go out of style. Add striking wall art and a splash of green flora and fauna to your white living room and make it stand out.

It’s All Blue

A blue living room is nothing less than a soothing retreat. From navy to teal, vibrant, inky blues are always in the limelight and look surreal when you’re lost into oblivion from your favourite lounge. Choose any blue shade, as it is both vibrant yet versatile. Pair it with whites and greys or take a more daring approach by accentuating with mustard yellow, pink or opt for multi colours.

Because Flowers Never Go Out of Style

If the floral living room decor tops your preferences, then this decor idea is meant for you. Choose soft pastel hues or go in for dark, moody florals – your living is bound to look fresh from spring to summer.

Country-style Living Is In

Escape from a chaotic world into a relaxing haven within minutes of your arrival. Yes, the rustic living room styles are simple, charming, and will give you the feeling of an English country home bejewelled with traditional and cosy fabrics like tartans and chunky knits. Wish to make it more light and airy? How about adding a touch of the classic country garden to the room?

Longing for a Lounge?

Who doesn’t wish to relax on an opulently curved velvet sofa? So, if you have got one, beautify it with plush textures and shining metallics. Pair it up with stunning jewel-toned accessories and gleaming brass and gold to create an interior straight out of some of the world’s finest hotels.

Formal or Relaxed – It’s Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style living room decor exudes calm. More and more luxury enthusiasts are opting for this style as you cannot go wrong with it. Be it formal or relaxed, Scandi styles are genuinely alluring. For a Scandinavian style living room decor, pick a soothing neutral palette, simple furnishings and accessories that will make your space look breathtaking and sophisticated.

Ah, Grey

The ones who prefer a neutral palette would love the grey living room for sure. Light or dark, warm or cold, grey suits every taste and is one of the most tranquil colours to style in a luxury living room. Pick a light and airy grey or deep and dramatic, finalize paint and furnishings in varying tones of the similar shade. You can keep it monochrome or splash in some colour. Pastel shades make light greys pop, while darker greys are highlighted with bold accents and all other greys when paired with a hint of metallics look gorgeous. So, what are you planning to pick?

Pinky Promise

Well, for all those who love more feminine decor choose blush, millennial, bubble gum, and rose gold shades. Pink colour trends had made a debut as the glamorous shade and have now taken the world by storm. The pink living room decor is here to stay when both deep and pastel pinks can be combined on a neutral background to create magic.

Modern and Minimalistic

Both modern living room design and minimalism are two sides of the same coin. The clean, sharp lines of contemporary furniture and minimalistic accessories exude sophistication and style.

Whichever living room decor idea you opt for, the thoughtful architecture of your home at Avaanti Residences is bound to elevate its beauty.

For some exotic fragrance, use scented candles. Finally, keep the decor minimal because less is always more and classy.