2020 has only 4 months remaining while more than half the year was spent locking ourselves down. If you’re still wondering whether or not to book a luxury home, we have an answer!

The announcement of the reduction in stamp duty until December 2020 is going to act as very effective on savings to a phenomenal amount while purchasing a new home. The lower interest rates on home loans this year and costs on inventory also dialing down are an added advantage.

Surveys have witnessed more than 15 percent growth in house searches during the first quarter of 2020. Spacious homes with modern amenities at convenient locations are witnessing high demand. This coupled with the Diwali and Navratri festivities that follow the coming months will mean the top choices of properties will be already booked by the end of this year. That means if you choose to wait longer, the top picks will already be checked off in the coming 2021.

So, you have your answer!

To make your home buying decision more solid, here are a few more revelations.

Lockdown and the pandemic have made us realize the importance of having a modern home, a congenial safe space to dwell in. Bigger and more spacious homes with top of the line amenities entail this need.

This is why buying luxury residences in sprawling urban cities like Pune is now on the drill. With so many amazing options in the market, you will certainly find ‘The One’ you’re looking for. With steady prices, subsidies for buyers, fiscal benefits, low-interest rates, and more, this is the best time to buy a luxury apartment in Pune.

All these benefits make a golden opportunity for you to buy a luxury home during this time, it’s like the stars aligning.

Avaanti Residences by ABIL Infrastructure is an iconic project in Pune that offers ultra-spacious and ultra-premium homes and all that in the heart of the city. This time can be seen as a golden one to purchase such beckoning residences.

Located in the prime of the city, Avaanti Residences offers best of both worlds. The convenience and connectivity of the old city and the ultra modern features and spacious layouts of the suburbs. It presents the finest luxury apartments and duplexes in Pune. Dwelling at Avaanti Residences brings comfort and contentment with modern-day utilities and extended areas like gyms, games room, podium decks, swimming pool and even a banquet hall.

The proposition of all the above mentioned favorable conditions blended with these fine luxury homes is what makes the combination a must-have.

After having passed through this difficult chapter of 2020, it is time that you pledge to start 2021 a fresh. A new home is the perfect way to do so. Embark on a new and gratifying beginning, at Avaanti Residences.