Every house has a vibe, and the colours of your interiors enhance its impression!
Whether you work with colour psychology or with interior design principles, picking a colour scheme that authentically represents you is the real deal for your home in 2020.

Colours can transform any space in your luxury home. They have the power to elevate your mood. So, set a tone of your home that adds to your pleasure. If you are wondering how and which way of choosing a colour palette is ideal?

The simple answer is, Make it all about you.

Home interior colour is a personalized choice that changes with everyone’s perspectives. Finding the right colours that not just complement the space but also delights you is the foremost in your list. You can set up a mood board, experiment with different tones, shades and hues until you find the perfect combination that you would be happy to live with for the days to come.

Next, walk through your noting the spaces that you can see from each room with the help of a blueprint. Make sure you mark the open spaces from
where the natural light comes in as well as the dark shades around the apartment. This later becomes a canvas for you to select hues that add life
to your home.

For more insight, check the few tips that many interior designing experts recommend.

1 Move from Bold to Refined

Once you have the colour spectrum that you like to play around with, choose the location with the most natural light for your bold colours. You
can also begin with your most spacious room, set a complementary combination of bold and neutral shades and then slowly move to other areas with your fine selection.

2. 1 Color many Hues!

The right colour scheme ties your entire space together & makes it a home. The trick is to select the primary theme colour and use the different hues of the shade. So if a central room is painted with a bold shade of Prussian, you can simply choose lighter shades of the same for the walls and spaces adjacent to that room. This method is a proven way of ensuring your house interiors are in symbiosis.

3. Duplex Colour Thoughts

Luxurious properties in Pune — Avaanti 3BHK, 4BHK & 5 BHK offer Duplex living spaces. In such apartments, each floor is a separate canvas for
you to fill with colour. You can go with a contrasting theme or with complementary shades for the respective floors. The easiest way to plan is
always one floor at a time.

4. Swatch Away

Swatch & bring the colours of your vision to life! Unless your expertise is in interior design, it’s best to Swatch your canvas with the colours in your head. This helps you practically envision the future happy and peaceful space you’ll call home.

The right colour scheme that authentically represents you requires a lot of introspection. Self-evaluation and understanding of how the colours make you feel not just today but also how it will translate in the future. Once you get your answer that uplifts your spirits, you get your spectrum right in front of you. To checkout, a canvas that will inspire the artist in you, book a visit for the ultra-premium Residence at Tilak Road—Avaanti by ABIL Group