Are you planning to turn your bedroom into a savvy space? Are you looking for modern trends to update your haven? Well, you can adapt to these top design trends that have a universal appeal and can work well with any bedroom.

Rug Them Up: Fully carpeted rooms have been out of fashion for quite some time. When it comes to style, you can still create a comforting, cosy and inviting bedroom by adding a large rug. For added elegance and extra softness add a sheepskin or tiger print rug over the main one.

Game of Textures: Bring in some visual play to your bedroom by adding extra texture. Textural updates can help a room feel complete. Different textures can be introduced via linens, hang salvaged wood panel above the bed, and two small velvet ottomans.

The Tonal Play Is the Key: For your bedroom to appear expansive, expensive and well-judged opt for tonal play. Stick to one colour and use its varying shades. There is no thumb rule for choosing colour tones for your bedrooms. You could go creative from neutral shades to bright ones. Just keep in mind that since your bedroom offers respite from the outer world, it should compliment your personality and your mood.

Retro-inspired Interiors: Did you know that retro is back on trend? You can start by introducing boudoir vanity in your master bedroom. Vanities are an ideal space for dressing, and when complemented with an oversized mirror, they create a stunning visual impact. For retro-inspired vanities, it is best to choose white, ivory, deep jewel tone or dark wood. Add a high shine metallic chair for extra oomph.

Stylish and Unusual Headboards: Make a significant design statement in your bedroom by adding an oversized and unique headboard. You can choose oversized headboards that stretch through the width of the entire wall or the ones that run across the floor to ceiling. If you wish to go for upholstered ones, choose ones with dramatic jewel tones or go for something simple and subtle. When you select the headboard as a focal point, work the entire bedroom design around it.

Apart from these, some modern bedroom trends of 2019 include golden nightstands, colourful art over neutral shades like white and black, concrete walls, 70’s wallpapers, grey with a hint of colours, extravagant patterns, geometric tiles and unusual furniture pieces.