Pune as a Luxury Real Estate Destination

Pune as a Luxury Real Estate Destination

Luxury living in Pune is an idea seamlessly flowing from a sophisticated set up to a more intimate luxurious arrangement that is opening up its doors for you. The gradual transformation of Pune from a small town to a luxury real estate destination has seen many shades of dark and bright. Emerging from a Tier II to Tier I city, Pune is the 7th largest industrial hub in India and 2nd in Maharashtra, after Mumbai. Once a pensioners’ paradise, the ‘oxford of the east’ emerged as a leading IT and industrial hub, thereby opening opportunities and scope for the development of real estate luxury segment. Luxury buyers are keen on the right brand that satisfies their sense of luxury. Luxury is no more about a big house or villa in a large area with a huge garden area in front of it. It is all about those intangible things- experiences, exclusivity, control through automation, and choosing the best in terms of everything. Luxury in the new era in Pune is in abundance and unique, and comes with a lot of variety to choose from.
The aspirations of the buyers of the luxury segment are met by amenities, top designs and specifications, and equipment, adding luxury to the spaces.

The expansion of various industries in the city has added to the niche segment of buyers of luxury products, including residences. The presence of multinational companies and their top-level managers form the target audience for such luxurious properties. Residents of Pune and NRIs have also developed a remarkable preference for Luxury- be it jewellery, automobiles, luxury goods or apparels, or homes.

According to PropTiger DataLabs, Pune was among the top performing real estate markets of India back in 2015-16 and has still secured its place in one of the most preferred cities for real estate investments, especially in the luxury segment.
With the influx of investors in Pune, here is a sneak peek at one of the most luxurious properties of Pune in the heart of the city, Kalyani Nagar.


Verde Residences:

Luxury is in the details. Details that define the story of your triumphs-personal and professional, showers care and ingenuity. The statement flows perfectly with the design, amenities, location and everything to jot down all spots of luxury, embarking on a dream home. Located in the posh locality of Kalyani Nagar, the three strikingly designed towers of Verde Residences house ultra-luxury 4 BHK apartments with views that treat your eyes to the breath-taking natural surroundings of 200 acres of lush green stud farms. The intricate design and amenities at Verde Residences is all about luxury.

The prime location of Verde adds to its exclusivity, as it boasts of intricate extravagance right in the heart of the city, magically removing the hustle and bustle of the city with high-rise living. The eastern corridor of Pune, Kalyani Nagar, is known for its internationally benchmarked facilities and vibrant community culture. Located between Koregaon Park and Viman Nagar, its proximity to the IT regions of Kharadi and Hadapsar makes it a perfect destination for upcoming investments in IT/ITES sectors. As a result, many international corporate giants have set up offices in the vicinity of Kalyani Nagar. This has led to a demand for luxury housing, especially among HNI employees.
Kalyani Nagar has always been favourite with the affluent class of the city and has come up on top of the liveability index in Pune.

Kalyani Nagar

image courtesy: Proptiger

The neighbourhood’s proximity to airport (4 kilometres) and railway station (6 kilometres), Phoenix mall (2.7 kilometres), and Agha Khan Palace (3.3 kilometres) makes it one of the emerging real estate destinations located on the eastern corridor of Pune.

ABIL developers, with their constant innovation have redesigned the game of luxury in terms of amenities, architecture, design, and experience with the launch of Verde Residence Collection. The three high towers are designed along an axis in such a way that all living areas and master bedrooms face lush greenery that afford residents a view of the pretty sunset every evening. Grand triple-height arrival courts, contemporary stone with natural finishes and gracious terraces capture the essence of space. Don’t lose sight of the lush surroundings as you stroll through the herbal gardens or take a dip in the swimming pool.

The space is flanked by custom amenities and specially designed lights created with intelligence soak you in an unprecedented sense of luxury. Accommodating every member’s need of privacy, Verde affords its residents all the luxuries you can think of.

All in all, with a prime location, stunning interiors, luxurious ambiance, elegantly crafted interiors and amenities, and its practical design, VERDE brings a new class of luxury homes in Pune to a distinguished level. Setting a benchmark in luxury lifestyle, ABIL Group has put together Verde in such a manner that you see modernity and sophistication syncing in perfection, to design a luxurious set up for you. At Verde, you don’t find a luxurious home, you find a home in luxury.

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