Who doesn’t dream of having their very own home?

Some dream of it to start a fresh new chapter, some for the safe-asset of ownership. For some, it’s an investment to a brighter future, and for many, it’s an upgrade of lifestyle. In all, everyone has a version of the dream.

However, 2020 has taken quite a turn and transformed life as we know it. Leaving us changed beings with a new-normal. But, with this ever-changing scenario in the country, the one thing that remains unchanged is the timeless requirement to buy a home. The health crisis that hit globally, the outbreak of Covid-19, has emphasised on the value of a safe and reliable home that weaves a lifetime of comfort. The spike in house-research as documented by various surveys stands a witness to this need of the hour.

The pandemic has taken a lot but also has devised a conducive environment for onlooking home-buyers. Various government amendments and the introduction of revised policies have made the current market scenario a buyer’s market, and rightly so!
Many states, like Maharashtra, in India, have seen a sharp rise in registration sale as of September 2020. House Shopping is the all-new trend and if you are on a stakeout for the perfect home for you, here are some reasons to rush!

Reduction in Stamp Duty!

The government has reduced stamp duty charges to 2% until December. From a solid 5%, the rate is reduced to boost the real estate market. Many luxury properties in Pune are now available within reach with various offers and flexible payment options offered by developers. Research suggests that interest rates are also at the lowest level since the past 15 years. So, what’s stopping you from achieving your dreams?
Hurry and register, and be a step closer to living a dream.

Tip: This stamp duty is foreseen to be increased by 3% starting in January 2021.

Bigger Homes for Uninterrupted Living

The new normal lifestyle has increased the demand for homes with bigger spaces. The new norm of working from home, managing online education and the daily rush of the household chores have pushed people to the brim. But here’s the bright side. They now understand the value for personal space and look forward to bigger apartments. The need to create a rush in real estate has increased the opportunity for homeowners to actually find the ideal home in the budget. Whether you’re upgrading your apartment or it’s your first time, many luxury flats in Pune, Mumbai are easily in your grasp.

Ready to Move-in Properties & Low Loan Rates!

Your search for a House for sale ends this year.
Exclusive prices, subsidies for buyers, fiscal benefits, low-interest rates, and many more benefits during this timespan is making it the ideal time to buy a luxurious house with convenient lifestyle amenities. This year witnessed the lowest interest rate in almost 15 years, making it a viable option for potential homeowners to go for their dream properties. Many ready to move in properties in the city offer the prime of the city with a mix of comfort, convenience, and ultra-premium amenities like seen in Avaanti Residences. You find all that you need in such luxury properties to live a gleeful and secured life.

These are the best reasons to rush for house shopping.
Register for that dream house you’ve yearned to dwell in and begin a new life-story in a brand new apartment you call home.