Whether you often work from your couch or you want a place to put your teacup and tv remote while binge-watching your favourite tv show, it helps to have a small side table that can add a point of interest or finishing touch to your living room’s interior. While a multitude of side tables are plain and simple, made of stained wood and zero frills, there are many DIY side table ideas for your luxury property in Pune. Take a gander at our top 8 DIY side table ideas.

  • Minimalist Side Table – One of the best ways to transform empty side tables is with a coat of paint. But choosing a standard white is boring, so instead go with a chic dove grey. And be ruthless in removing the unnecessary clutter– not only will it show off your DIY side table, but it will help your whole room look more minimalist.
  • Rustic style wooden side table – Add some warmth to your living space by using a wooden trunk or a tree stump as a side table. To give the side table even more visual interest, decorate it with a gold ombre finish to create a unique rustic yet fascinating piece of furniture. Spice up your luxury house in Pune with a small side table sculpted to enhance the beauty of your home.
  • Bookshelf Side Table for the Bookworm in you – Show off your books without building a bookcase. An excellent boast for a library cabinet can be powder-coated steel and a walnut finish also. You can also add a fun pop of colour on the side table to make it perfect for reading nooks.
  • An Ottoman Side Table with a Tray– It’s a no-brainer that trays are an excellent way to organize a tabletop stylishly. Give your ottoman a makeover by putting a tray on top of it, creating the perfect place to display flowers, candles, or books. You can also paint the legs to add a bit of funk to make it into the best DIY side table.
  • Glass-topped Side Table – When you’re aiming to showcase a significant amount of accessories at your luxury house in Pune, a side table with a glass top can provide clarity. Besides, it doesn’t take up as much visual space as an all-wood design, and it keeps the focus on your display.
  • Vintage Mid-Century Legs for Kids – Paint a table and transform it into a low side table. Put it to a specific height to make it easy for kids to read or give access to crayons and a colouring book or to turn on a lamp.
  • Space-saving Side table – If you want to save some space in your room, you might want to consider an innovative DIY side table. Instead of sitting behind a table or keeping the table next to the couch, you can have an open design that lets the bottom slip under the couch while the tabletop hovers overtop it.
  • Dog Crate Side Table – If your dog is a significant part of your life, you might make them a part of your living room design. Make an innovative cut-out DIY side table that offers a cosy nook for pups and kittens to dwell, offering them their very own haven within their home.

Sprucing, cleaning, renovating, restyling or redecorating, we’re here to give you inspiration on how to do it yourself so go on try the above mentioned best DIY side table ideas and let us know what did you do with your side table to enhance the beauty of your luxury property in Pune.