“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” –Colette

This stands to be absolutely true. Pet animals are so humanizing. We learn compassion, love and nurturing from them. Animal lovers often love the inclusion of new members to their family, especially when the apartment is an impeccable and spacious nest. Such is the vibe at Avaanti Residences. Not only do pets rely on humans, but they also love us like family. And taking every possible step to cherish your family is our responsibility at Avaanti Residences. We build a home for you to dwell in with a sense of innate belonging.

Here are some Tips as to how you can create a safe space for your animal buddies, specifically to make your house cat-friendly and dog-friendly. Cats and Dogs always find a way in hearts and homes. Only some but fervent and warm measures can make a huge difference to them. It is important for you to know what is and is not good for them.

Well-Being and Security

  • Make sure all electrical machinery, hazardous items, and food products are kept out of reach from your pets. This is to avoid any mishap and ensure good care of your pets.
  • Avoid dangling wires, mount the wires and keep them out of sight. Thus, also making your luxury homes look wire-free.
    Child-proof latches can be accommodated wherever necessary.
  • Packaged food products can be placed on higher shelves that are out of your pet’s reach.
  • Switch to organic products like floor cleaners and air fresheners to safeguard your pet’s health.

Pet’s Pen

  • Plan and allocate a small yet nice and cozy space for your dog or cat so that they too feel a sense of homeliness in your luxury apartment. It’s important they feel at home like you do. This also reduces the risk of your pet wandering about the apartment and doing things that might likely end up harming themselves. Give them guarded freedom.
  • Decorate their space with toys and fun midgets to give their space a personalized touch. For cats, maybe add scratch pads in their den so that they get habituated to scratching the pads and not your couches or beds!
  • Luxury Flats these days have an abundance of space. Terrace, large living rooms, or extra cabinets like under the staircases. You can utilize these extra rooms to allocate some space for your pets. Be sure to not put your pet next to cabinets or closets that have some wear and tear materials.
  • Animals love good care and pondering 🙂 Build your Pet a nice Play Pen!

Extra Care

  • Apart from being careful about keeping harmful machinery and hazardous products out of your pet’s sight, you can take a few extra measures to ensure the complete safety of your pets.
  • Use blockades for types of machinery to prevent the pets from passing through, close the toilet lid, hide breakable or chewable items, put doggy doors, choose rugs that are strong and something that does not get tangled in your dog’s or cat’s feet. Create a spot for them to do their business and keep that space accessible to them.
  • Plants are also a part that can act as a hurdle when you have a pet living in your apartment. Choose plants that do not require loose soil and pick long pots so your pet does not get stuck in it by jumping in or on.


  • Dogs and cats are very particular about their hygiene. Make sure you periodically deep clean their personal space and give them regular baths for them to remain bacteria-free.
  • Choose a healthy dog or cat food for them.
  • Get your pet checked every few months.
  • Train your pet to do their business in a specific area of the house that is also away from their play area.

Following the above tips might help you keep your home clean and safe. It is for the well being of both you and your pet to enjoy many years of nestling with your cat and playing frisbee with your dog.

Located in the heart of Pune city is Avaanti Residences, which has some extraordinary luxury apartments at Tilak road. These luxurious flats have ample space for you & your pet’s pen!

At Avaanti Residences, we care about your choices.