Imagine living with ample natural light, the playful wind swishing in and out filling up your space with freshness and dwelling in an ultra-spacious apartment surrounded by the comforts that life can offer.

Sounds like the making of an ideal flat, doesn’t it?

This signature style of spacious living is already on the horizon designed by various luxury properties in Pune and other major cities in India. The concept of homes with high ceilings, vast open spaces, luxurious balconies and living spaces with ample privacy is the promise of aesthetically pleasing and mind easing homes. Spacious homes encourage a vividly free-flowing lifestyle, without the rigidity of cramped spaces and lifeless ambience. The flexibility to design your home with the rejuvenating bounty of nature, enhancing the essence of your apartment with positivity, peace and tranquillity are just some of the primal advantages of spacious living.

Here are some other perks of airy & spacious homes that revive your life with the changing seasons.

Personalized Living

Spacious homes translate to ample personal space & luxury for every member. Encouraging you to innovatively design spaces that authentically reflects your flair without boundaries.

Ample Energy & Reviving Beauty

Luxurious flats in Pune like Avaanti by ABIL Group inspired by French art deco and the classic architectural beauty offer spaces that add freshness to life. You witness the hues of the changing season reflecting in your home. A home life like this with huge terraces, wide-windows and unrestricted interiors invite more natural light and playful energy to lift your spirits every day.

Always Enough Room for You

Living in apartments with 3 BHK, 4BHK or 5 BHK duplex space invites more room to express yourself through your space. You hold the freedom to build an activity room, personal office space to work from home, kids play area or a herb garden. Life is never restricted within the boundaries of your walls.

More storage- Less Clutter

One of the greatest works of spacious homes is that less is always more! Luxurious flats in Pune that offer such airy living opportunities to its residence design homes with minimal clutter and maximized utilization of space. This enhances the visual aesthetics and keeps your home a zen space for peaceful living.

Uninterrupted Opportunities

Just like the playful breeze, airy apartments create joy for little ones and pets to be free and live unconditionally. Living with contemporary amenities within the proximity of your gated community and also at home are one of its advantages — you find all comforts like home-automation of lights & curtains to indulge, play and do as you desire. Soirees, parties, formal gathering to every celebration has a befitting destination with airy and spacious homes. And, your dwelling is always ready to impress spectators and guests.

To witness such spacious homes and live the airy living, Avaanti located at the prime of Pune-Tilak Road is a perfect fit. Its luxury spaces and sky-high apartments designed, inspire a wholesome life for you.