Tilak Road – A Bustling Hub of Residential and Commercial Activity

Tilak Road – A Bustling Hub of Residential and Commercial Activity

The history and growth of Pune is closely linked to the ascend of the Maratha Empire and the rule of the Peshwas. This was the period during which much of Pune city developed and settlements were formed in central Pune. Kasba Peth was the first settlement of the city and together with others such as Somwar Peth, Ravivar Peth, Shaniwar Peth among others that form a large chunk of today’s ‘old Pune’. Between 1637 when Kasba Peth was formed and 1818 when Narayan Peth was established, a total of 17 peths were developed, which today form the cultural nucleus of the old city of Pune. Sadashiv Peth, named after Sadashivrao Bhau Peshwa was established in 1757.

Today, Sadashiv Peth is the rich epicenter of culture, heritage and education in Pune. It houses some of the city’s prominent landmarks as well as commercial establishments. The quaint narrow winding roads are home to many residential pockets where old stone houses or wadas stand rock-solid beside newer and modern high-rise buildings. Sadashiv Peth is where the ‘old meets the new’ and cultures blend seamlessly. One of the arterial roads of Sadashiv Peth is Tilak Road, named after India’s freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak.

Tilak Road is one of the longest commercial roads in Pune and cuts through the heart of Sadashiv Peth
stretching between Alka Talkies on one side and Sarasbaug on the other. En route, the road is home to notable landmarks such as Tilak Smarak Mandir, educational institutions such as Sir Parshurambhau (SP) College, New English School, Jnana Prabhodini Prashala and a mix of small to mid-sized eateries and commercial establishments.

Predominantly a commercial district, the by lanes of Tilak Road are dotted with modern buildings as well as old structures that proudly announce the names of some of their very illustrious occupants who once lived here. Despite the hustle-bustle of everyday commercial activity along the main road, these by lanes are as laid back and serene as they can be. And, residing or running a commercial establishment in this neighbourhood certainly has its many advantages, one of them being that Tilak Road is strategically located in central Pune and is easily accessible from other prime locations of the city such as Deccan, Swargate, Laxmi Road, M. G. Road and Sinhagad Road.

Soaked in culture and inheritance, Tilak Road offers cunningly curated apartments beaming class with a stroke of peace and serenity. From the enchanting calm of the Dagduseth Halwai Ganpati temple to culturally enriching events at the nearby Ganesh Kala Krida Mancha, there is something to look forward to for everybody who chooses to make Tilak Road their new address.

The residential area of Tilak Road is unruffled and traditionally decorous, giving its residents, the feel of a life closely connected to the roots of the city. The nearby Phoenix library is an add on for all book lovers who just want to spend the weekend alone in peace with books smelling like happiness. So, one can lay hands on the book of one’s choice out of many of different genres and be lost in an imaginary world as good as the real one.

The neighbourhood has witnessed a vast amount of new construction taking place, notable being Avaanti Residences & Premium Commercial Spaces. Known for its magnificent décor and verdant luxury, Avaanti Residences & Premium Commercial Spaces is nothing less than a piece of art. Inspired by French Art Deco, it is an epitome of class and comfort with amenities that make you feel like living a 5-star life in the lap of nature. It has been carefully curated keeping one’s penchants in mind and assures its discerning residents an opulent lifestyle deeply rooted in culture.

So, take a trip down Pune’s historical pathways and explore the innumerable attractions and nuances here that define the unique character of Pune’s old city.

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