In these wild times, there is one consistent thing, and that is all the fantastic stuff that is happening on the internet. Social media is filled with these food recipes, DIY arts, exercises or dance challenges and so on. This is the time when seclusion has rhymed with creativity for so many people around the globe. 

Want to do something exciting and extravagant at your premium apartment in Pune? 

With a few thoughtful furnishings, a few touches of color and beautiful vegetation, even the quirkiest alcove can evolve into a beloved spot.  Today, we will focus on some DIY balcony ideas to transform your home balcony in a jiffy. 

No matter how small the size is, your balcony has plenty of design potential. Read on to find balcony decor DIY ideas and see how you can refurbish your balcony. 

Can not go out?  Build up inside!

Put In Some Greenery!

Pack your balcony with planters filled with lush plants to create the feel of a beautiful DIY balcony garden

A balcony garden is the hottest decor trend right now and there are millions of things that one can do to decorate one’s balcony garden. 

You can use monochrome planters, pebbles, and beautiful plants to create a beautiful space. You can use unique and unusual things to hold your plants – old wooden drawers, old briefcases, etc. to give your balcony a smarter look than ever. 

For instance, use that vintage trunk and paint it and convert it to hold plants in your balcony. Paint it in bright and bold colours, and you will love the style, full of deep, strong colour and drama. You can bring in the elements of rock and wood to give a sense of earthiness to your balcony as well. 

Create a small balcony garden in your high rise, the urban balcony of Pune!

Put Your Wall Space To Some Good Use!

Take advantage of empty wall space and hang planters or creative wall art. To make your balcony an extension of your home, hang a vintage basket filled with flowers or hang alluring, graphic objects for decor.

Light them up!

This is one of the smoothest and effective ways to transform your balcony to a significant extent. You can opt for different decorative lamps, designer LED lights or outdoor lanterns to convert your balcony from ordinary to extraordinary. This will enhance the beauty of your balcony for the sheer ambience it adds and the homely warmth it extends.

Keep them on low tables if you want the beam to spread out at a snail’s pace. Hanging your Chinese lights around the balcony railings can also bring a distinctive tint to your premium apartment in Pune.

For a twist on the trend, you can put some fairy lights into empty wine bottles or fancy scotch bottles or mason jars and place them amid plants for pretty lighting.

Painted Flower Pots Add Colour And Energy!

Flowerpots can certainly be a lucrative choice in your DIY balcony garden decor, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Painted or patterned flower pots bring colour to your balcony without having to invest in fancy flowering plants. Take your regular pots and paint them in vivid colours during this lockdown. Artful arrangements can take your decor to the next level in no time.

Little Tropical Paradise!

Despite living in apartment buildings, it’s still very possible for homeowners to feed birds and refurbish your balcony into a little tropical paradise. Hang a simple bird feeder to the railing to take care of the basics– food and water.

Living Room Experience!

Carry a few elements of home design to your balcony. Add a small table setting, or perhaps compact-yet-comfortable sofas cum chairs to give a visual comfort to your balcony of the luxury apartment in Pune.

With a few pillows, a rug and a serving tray, your DIY balcony garden will provide warmth and become a wonderful retreat where you can have your evening tea. You can keep the colors neutral to maximize the appearance of this modern space that you have created.

Before you know it, you’ll be relaxing on your beautiful balcony!

Voila, we hope you have enjoyed our round-up of some of the amazing DIY decor ideas that you can try for your balconies! We’d love for you to share what you have done to beautify your balconies during your seclusion.

Stay safe and stay inside!