Wallpaper Trends for 2018

Wallpaper Trends for 2018

A wall well painted and decorated, accentuates the mood of your home. It lifts up the aesthetic feel quite some notches higher. But unfortunately, we often end up giving more time to the furniture selection and arrangements, leaving the walls blandly painted and over the time, they become an eyesore. A great alternative to wall paints are wallpapers. Recently the use of wallpapers has taken a front seat in home décor ideas and people have begun experimenting, trying to use the best fitting wallpapers from dark shades to pastels to textures to vinyl wallpapers, and yes, they look absolutely breath-taking making your home the talk of the town.

A few rolls of wallpaper will lend your home the opulence it deserves. You can try a wallpaper with the Ombré effect where colours gradually blend into one another, for a fresh look to your walls. A wainscoting wallpaper on the other hand renders a cosy look to bedrooms. There is a pool of options about how to use wallpaper in a way that it gives your home the look and feel you want it to bespeak.  Go through the list of the wallpaper ideas that will continue to trend in 2018 and let your house speak tales of luxury.

Metallic Keys Wallpaper
If you want to give depth and boldness to your home with minimal décor and want to keep it simple, yet striking then, the wallpaper with metallic keys is the right choice for you. Integration of a metallic colour with just some wooden furniture with a couple of rugs to complement it, would give your abode a layer of sophistication.
Sometimes, too many colours, if not used in a congruent manner, make the elegance quotient go for a toss. But a metallic key wallpaper will always be a safe and wise choice to make your home luxuriantly elegant.

Repetitive Patterns
Repetitive patterns give your living space a chic retro look, expanding the many possibilities to play around with the décor. It is a sure shot way to accentuate the walls and harmonize the entire place because patterns are always pleasing and satisfying to look at.
They also give a symmetric advantage to the look and feel of your walls. You may need to use neutral tones like beige, black, grey or white, which will allow you to use different colours of furniture, giving your abode a cutting-edge over the traditional décor.

Pastel Shades
Pastel Shades are what we can call the most accommodating since they are mellow and radiate the feel of a serene ambiance.
If you are a person who does not want anything over-the-top and yet want your home to look elegant and outstanding, then go for the pastel shade wallpapers complemented with minimal style interior.
For a sober looking interior, pastel shade wallpapers would be the best of the lot.

Textures and Pattern Play
Textures and Patterns imitate a 3D appearance and give your interior an edgy look. They mould your space to give it a chic look, rendering your walls a glossy or matte finish. A brickwork wallpaper or even a wood one lends contemporary elegance. Geometric wallpapers create an ultra-modern and sophisticated ambiance.
One of the most trending wallpaper designs are vintage or retro patterns in colours such as beige or grey so that they complement your super-chic furniture and induce some fun in the interior. If you wish to try something quirky and transcend the safe and traditional ideas, then opt for textures and patterns, and stand out in style.

One thing that can never go out of the trend, is stripes. Stripes are a perfect confluence of modern and vintage interior décor. Using stripes, you can change what your place looks like. You can make your room look larger and create a theme, with the furniture and accessories complementing the colour of the stripes.
Painted wood stripes would give your room a cosy feel and augmenting the aesthetic beauty, if paired with rustic and rugged furniture. Gianna by Belgravia is the most elegant stripes design and create a lush and lavish atmosphere.
It is advisable to pair it with dark or grey furniture to make it reflect luxury and class.

Colours have an energy which strongly influences our mental health. And people use bright and vibrant colours that ooze out good and positive vibes. Ombre wallpapers can bring a dull room back to life and uplift the mood.
Choose hues from the family of a single colour and bring your elegant décor to the fore. Ombre wallpapers require minimal efforts of pairing it up with furniture and accessories because they undoubtedly create a statement.
Gradient wallpapers are highly preferable because they create a smooth and relaxing habitat, which is one great thing we all look for, while decking up our interiors.
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