A home, a residence, or a space defines your living. Luxury flats offer you a lifestyle choice. With state-of-the-art provisions built and included to modify the definition of a home, these flats not just embark on people living in a space, they take care that people receive the most elevated sense of dwelling. They bring to you a flight of a fancy and aloof atmosphere where you feel like you belong. How are luxury flats any different from the regular flats? Unlike regular homes, luxury flats don’t just market, they are built for your well-being! You get an aura of luxury, contentment, and exception. They are comfort houses.

Buying a home is an important decision to make. If you wish to go all out and live an avant-garde lifestyle, a luxury house is the best choice. High-end facilities, contemporary eminence, and spacious living is what you can expect out of luxury flats. You also look for a good location in the city. Another factor that drives luxury houses more than regular ones is world-class aptitude animated in the form of living. Your dream home should embody these features. Bricks and stones make a house but a blend of opulence and exclusivity make a home worth living in. This is why luxury flats are the next big thing in Real Estate. If you are going high-end in making a residence choice, why not opt for the best there is? That provides premises for extravagance combined with that impeccable factor that one looks for in a luxury home.

Pune’s most extraordinary luxurious apartments near tilak road bring to you exactly the kind of luxury flats that you are looking for.

An Expanse that offers

  • Affinity to The City – It is located in the heart of Pune city at Tilak Road. Though the location is amidst the city lights, the neighborhood of Avaanti Residence is built to give a serene feel. So you live in the city but dwell like you’re far from it.
  • Luxurious Banquet Hall – A spacious hall to organize events and functions. Have a party to plan? The venue will be one less problem to worry about.
  • An Upscale Fitness Center – For fitness and healthcare enthusiasts, this gym area is just right at your footsteps.
  • A Children’s Park and Swimming Pool – A spacious nest at Avaanti Residences created for children’s amusement. Plus a swimming pool for you to respite from your everyday life.
  • Abundant Parking Space – Easy and hassle-free personal parking spaces at your disposal.

What else? Landscaped with up-to-date spaces and modern-day amenities, these are the perfect residences that end your search for a luxury apartment at Tilak Road.

Avaanti Residences- Where we abode Dwelling!